We produce the highest quality College Recruiting Videos that can help you get the upper-hand when looking to impress college coaches. We can use the clips that you provide us from tournament and game film DVDs or other footage. We can also film games for you using one or multiple camera angles…


Athlete Keepsake Video

A keepsake video is an ideal way to remember your Senior Season at High School or College. As with our Athlete Highlight Video, we assemble clips from your play during your Senior year and produce this 5-10 minute highlight video. Music and graphics are included with this video that adds value for years to come. 

We will host this video online for six months with a link that can be shared with family and friends. For permanent keepsake purposes, you can download this video to your computer or we can provide you with a USB thumb drive that contains this video. 

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Athlete Highlight Video

Any high school or prep school athlete wanting to play at the next level needs a quality Athlete Highlight Video.  In fact, a bad highlight video is more detrimental to the athlete's recruiting process than no video at all!  

College coaches are extremely busy both in-season and during the off-season.  Providing these coaches with a quality Athlete Highlight Video is paramount to being noticed in a positive light.  We will professionally film your games in 1080p HD, using clips from the game film that are best for your specific sport and position and we highlight the athlete in every play for easy identification.

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Skill Drills Video

A Skill Drills Video is an excellent complement to your Athlete Recruiting Video as it demonstrates and highlights specific skills for College Coaches.  

Most coaches rely heavily on the Athlete Recruiting Video to evaluate the athlete's skills and game awareness, however, the Skill Drill Video is a great way to differentiate you as an athlete from the rest of the pack!

Display your footwork, stick work, passing or shooting skills and any other skill set specific to the sport you play.  

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Athlete Video Portfolio (AVP)

The Athlete Video Portfolio (AVP) is a unique and efficient way to display your videos.  This AVP can contain several videos to include Athlete Recruiting Videos, Skill Drill Videos, Accomplishment Videos and even Full Games.

You can share one link with College Coaches that will never change, even if you add videos, change videos or even remove videos. Also, there are no annoying ad's or commercials to interrupt or delay the playing of your video.

Each AVP also contains an Information Bar that provides contact info and other vital info that you may want to highlight.

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