To learn more about the specific video services that GKess Films provides, please click on the appropriate box below.  Whether you are looking for Game Filming of a sporting event or a video that captures your Wedding day, we can help you capture those special moments to re-live for a lifetime! 



Sports Videos

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This section outlines our extensive sports video offerings.

Game Filming - Teams today depend on quality game filming to analyze and improve the team play.  If your team needs to have games professionally filmed and uploaded to a film website such as Krossover or HUDL.

Athlete Highlight Videos - Also known as College Recruiting Videos, we can produce a highly effective video that will get you noticed by college coaches.

Keepsake Videos - This is great way for seniors to remember their last year with the team in a fully produced highlight video that includes your Senior Day game and ceremony.

Team Highlight Videos - Looking to document an upcoming special season or producing quality recruiting videos, please check out is section of our website to see how we can help!


Business Videos

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Business VIDEOS


Give your business's marketing presence a boost on the internet and social media with a professionally produced video. Following are some ways that we can help!

Company Overview - Build your brand by effectively communicating your company's mission and vision through an overview video.  From small businesses to corporations, we can help!

Product/Service Overview - Reduce the cost and time it take for introducing a new product/service.  Provide your employees and clients a visual overview to demonstrate the value.

Training - Rolling out new products or procedures to your employees can be more effective with a video.

Fundraising -  Convey your non-profit organization's needs to raise new funds for a special project.  Help potential donors understand the benefit of your project to make your dreams become reality!


Wedding Videos

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Wedding VIDEOS


One of the very first questions that we receive from prospective wedding video clients is "GKess Films is a sports video company right?  What does wedding videography have to do with sports videography?"

Well, our answer is always the same. When filming a sporting event like football, we can't ask the ball carrier in a football game to make that great touchdown run again because we missed the shot.  The same is true for weddings, there is no way that we can ask the Bride's father to walk his daughter down the aisle again, it happens once and that's it!

We don't hide the fact that we produce sports , business and wedding videos using separate websites, because we are confident in our abilities as a video production company and the quality of our work.

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Livestream Events

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Livestream EVENTS


Live streaming events is the fastest growing and most dynamic part of our business!  From broadcasting live sporting events to concerts to conferences, we have a livestreaming solution to help you engage, educate and entertain your audiences.

Engage - Businesses and Professional Organizations can engage audiences worldwide with their message.  Why limit conference or meeting attendance to local participants...extend your reach.

Educate - Live streaming is a great vehicle for conducting educational and training seminars to employees and clients around the globe.  Schools, Universities and Corporations can utilize the power of live streaming to expand their horizons.

Entertain - From sporting events to concerts and school plays, live streaming can help distant friends and relatives keep connected and entertained.