Greg Kessler, Founder and Owner of GKess Films, grew up with a passion for watching and studying movies.  From his first critique of "The Little Mermaid" as his parents carried the crying 2 year old out of the movie theater to his love for the work of renowned movie director Steven Spielberg, Greg loves everything about motion pictures!

After Graduating From Keene State University with a BA in Video Production, Greg set his sights on Hollywood and went to work as an intern for a movie trailer production company in Los Angeles.  Having been born and raised on the Northeast, Greg realized very quickly that he needed to return "home" and use his talents and passion for movie making to seek out opportunities on the East Coast.

That opportunity came one day when a close friend and neighbor drove by and asked Greg if he could produce a sports highlight video for his son's high school basketball team, and the rest is history.....

GKess Films was born.


History of the GKess Films Logo


Our Original Logo - 2011 to 2012

This is our very first logo that we created for the start-up GKess Films.  With all of our cash being tied up in purchasing camera and computer equipment to film and edit videos, we could not afford to have a logo professionally designed. 



Our Updated Logo - 2012 to 2014

As we grew as a company, we wanted to update our logo to make it a little tighter while still keeping the "edgy grunge" look.  We sought out a graphic designer to help us with this project and came up with what you see at the right.  We really liked this logo and became attached to it as a symbol for our "edgy" new company.



Our Current Logo - 2014 - Present

In early 2014 we realized that our brand identity needed a "re-fresh" as our work branched out to include corporate work and weddings.  Let's face it, the "edgy grudge" looking logo didn't relate too well with corporate clients and engaged couples looking for a video.